Caryn Warren

- About the Book

Did you know that children spend an average of 8 hours a day online? Do you know what your children are doing online?

Parents do what they can to help protect their children, but in today’s age, kids themselves must be educated and informed. This is one of the most overlooked topics in today’s world.

Cybersecurity: The Children’s Guide to Being Safe Online was written to teach children how to protect themselves from cybercriminals. It will also teach them how to act responsibly and make smart decisions while online by being proactive and safe. This is a timely and much-needed resource for children of all ages.

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Caryn Warren is a powerful and influential leader in the information technology industry. With over 20 years of IT experience, her current job is managing and supporting Oracle databases, including installation, configuration, design, and data migration in Dallas, Texas.

Using her extensive expertise to empower and educate others around the world, Caryn is also the Founder & CEO of Innovators of Tomorrow Inc., a non-profit organization she created in 2017 that provides technology training and support to school-aged children.

In addition to her non-profit, she is a serial entrepreneur. With her love for education and technology, Caryn has developed a system to market and sell products on Amazon, and now trains and coaches other entrepreneurs to do the same.

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